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Submitted by Asif Nowaj, Last Modified on 2019-11-08

A worldwide known social networking site founded on June 16, 2010 in Latvia as a rival of Formspring. It is now owned by and present CEO is Ilja Terebin. In this site user can invite questions from others and answers. The slogan is “Ask and answer”. Now the user base is 130 million approximately.
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Recently a news has been released in International Business Times (IBT) that “Can I have Yazidi Sex Slaves?' Isis Uses AskFm to Answer Wannabe Terrorists' Questions”.

This site is in the news of several media articles regarding cyber-bullying that have been linked to suicide. This site is popular among teenagers and bad thing happens for some children. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said people should boycott “vile” websites that allow cyber bullying.

In “The Irish Times”, a news published that broadcasted that headquarters is moving to Dublin from Latvia. may base itself in Ireland, but social-media abuse isn’t about geography.
Though promises to become bully-free and relocates to Dublin .

Similar kind of news also published in Mashable After cyberbullying suicides, gets cold shoulder in Ireland .

This site should be used cautiously and might need a parental guides like A Guide for Parents and Teachers. is now available on the App Store on iTunes – Apple free for iOS.
It is also available in Android Apps on Google Play .

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