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Sourav Banerjee

Senior Associate, CTS
Soura Banerjee
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

To me life is an adventure and I want to see it all. At a very early age of my life I was enrolled in one of the best scouting groups of India and it left a very big impact on my way of life. Good thing about my scout group was the camps. We used to camp at different and faraway places of the country like Rajasthan, Shimla, Hardwar, Gwahati and many more. All these campsites were well outside the town and mostly in the woods. In these camps we did not only learn different activities and techniques of scouting but also about the life and livings of the people of those areas. I think it is from these days that I had grown an interest to learn about different places and people.

Later on I had grown to have many hobbies; some due to the adventurous nature of my scouting days and some because of the cultural side of the family. In this site, I plan to write about some of my experiences while pursuing the adventurous part of my hobbies. I hope you all will like it.