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Travel & Hospitality

Submitted by Soumya Mukherjee, Last Modified on 2019-11-08

Travellers are increasingly on the go. During their travel they need to access some of the relevant information related to travel as well they have to go through some of their important professional and personal information.

This leads to the growth of an important business industry named, Travel & Hospitality. This industry is all about travellers and hospitality, i.e., taking care of them and stands beside them in need.
Travel & Hospitality comprises of the following segments, like:
• Hotels & property services
• Restaurants & Food services
• Travel intermediaries
• Travel providers

The travel & hospitality industry is in the midst of business transformation. In its starting days it was more of product focused but for the last couple of years it has been shifted to customer-focused as well as brand-driven.

This transformation from self-serviced technology to a streamline process leads to major reduction of labour cost, consequently increase in financial returns. In brief, higher profit with a considerable amount of labour cost.

Taken into consideration of the technical part of this industry, there are several softwares to provide the solutions to the customer queries. Amongst them, Inbound IVR Self-Service & Application, Outbound Applications, Agent desktop Solutions are the most important ones. In this context it can be noted that, cognizant has its own business policy to satisfy clients’ requirements in a more effective, efficient and innovative way. Solutions provide by Cognizant include Aircraft Hub, mConcierge Mobility Platform, Tetris Data Inventory, Wireless POS, Online Ordering Platform, OTA Translator, Customer Data Management Assessment.

Of late internet has changed the mind-set of the people. So for the growth of this industry a large amount of resources are required to make a fully-featured website. The teams working under T&H, have to consider pretty large number of components ranging from UI Development, Database, E-Commerce mechanism, interfacing with vendors and etc. For this purpose, the teams have to work in parallel in an internet oriented common platform. As a result the very two obvious technologies come to lime light, Java and .Net.

From the very moment the T&H industry has changed the trends, organizations involved in T&H industry, leveraging the social media to interact with clients. It is noticed that 68% clients share their views and preferences in this social media. To tap this potential, top level hospitality groups are adopting social media. SCRM is a way to boost to social media to promote business.

In general a T&H social site falls under B2B segment of E-Commerce, where different organizations discuss about the streamlining of their operations to enable faster inventory management.

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