How to disable SSL 3.0 - Windows IIS Server

If your Windows IIS server still supporting SSL v2 and SSL v3, you might need to disable them immediately. These old protocols are having very well known security vulnerabilities like POODLE. These protocols are already deprecated long back. See a brief details at What is TLS.

How to check a website supports TLS 1.2

So, you possible have updated your application server configuration to support TLS 1.2 and you wanted to make sure that your website is now compatible with TLS 1.2. Or you want to test a website whether it supports TLS 1.2.

How to enable TLS protocols in browsers

Why you are here, I am guessing...

If you are here, looking for how to enable latest TLS protocols in your browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Edge, then probably you are already aware of TLS and TLS 1.2 needs be used very soon.
If you have one more minute, you can check out What Is TLS? . Here, you can see which version of TLS is deprecating when and what TLS version you ultimately need to focus on.

What is TLS?

There are many articles on this topic and you can see for more details.

In a simple way, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol that is used to determine the agreed data encryption/decryption mechanism while communicating between two computers [server and client]. It secures the data while data travels over internet from one machine to another.

How to check my browser support latest TLS or not

How do you know or determine whether your Browser Supports latest TLS versions or not? Here, you can check how to verify it whether your client browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 Protocols.

SQL Server - Logical Processing Order of the SELECT statement

SQL Query execution order.

C# How to use AutoMapper for object mapping

Mapping fields between one object to another is not something interesting for a developer. Simply it's boring. Go through this article to know how can you configure AutoMapper in your project and use it. This is possible for any type of projects whether that is a console application or MVC web application.

C# object to XML to SQL database

Below illustrations will show you the following.
1. How to convert a C# object into a XML
2. How to parse the XML within a Stored Procedure of SQL database

Find recent object changes in SQL Server Database

If some new or existing user tables or stored procedure is added or modified in a particular database and server, you can find the list of the object's name with help of below query.

This becomes helpful when you keep changing the database objects and at some point you decided to update those changes to the source control system. Then you need to know what are the database objects that you have changed after last day you checked in the details in source control.

Ruminant stomach

Stomach is a muscular chamber or series of chambers that serve as a receiving site for recently injested food, secreting digestive enzymes and lubricating mucus, and macerates food while fixing it with the gastric juices, the mucus and enzymes partially liquify solid foods before they are injected in to the small intestine. The stomach terminates at the pilorous which is the open from the stomach leading into deordinal, the opening is sorrounded by asmooth muscles called piloric sphincter.


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