Windows server 2012 scheduled task access issue with script

Are you facing issue with windows schedule task Windows 2012 R2 and windows scheduled task not running a batch file for an unknown reason? Windows server 2012 scheduled task runs but does nothing and you have tried whether the user is logged on or run whether the user is logged on or not along with do not store password? Also, you have tried task scheduler user account permissions? But you haven’t found any luck then probably you are at the right place to solve your issue.

Evolutionary Species

A species is a population or group of populations that shares a common evolutionary fate through time (Templeton, 1989).

Example of simple jsTree with dynamic JSON data

If you haven’t read the introductory post on jsTree, I would recommend reading the Example of simple jsTree with static JSON data.

There is a very little change to make the jsTree work with dynamic data. I have used webAPI for getting the required tree data. You have to write your own webAPI or web service to get the JSON data. You need to replace my service URI with yours.

The output would same as my previous post as I have returned same data from back-end.

Example of simple jsTree with static JSON data

jsTree with static json data

If you want to create a tree using JavaScript and HTML, you can use jsTree library for that. This is actually jQuery plugin that provides flexible and interaction tree view. This library is absolutely free to be used for your work. This library is free and can be configured quickly and without any difficulty as per your requirement. You can also use different theme for it to give nice look. The most important feature is you can extend or customise library if you face any limitation.

How to add rich snippets structured data on your Drupal 7 website

Lets first understand what is the Structured Data. Introduction of Structured Data.

Google says, “Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content;”

Structured data is a markup code that contains defined schema terms and its values. These data helps search engines to understand the content of page and also the meaning of the page.

Search Engines also use the structured data to enable special search result features and enhancements. Google uses this structured data to display enhanced.

Create related content block in Drupal 7 using Contextual filter

If you are looking for “how to create a related content block in Drupal 7”, you are at the right place. I have successfully created a block for displaying related content using Taxonomy, Contextual filter with views.

You can check out right sidebar at the top of my website is showing all my contents related with PHP.

Now I am going to explain step by step how I have created related content blocks in Drupal 7 with views.

I am assuming you are already logged in as administrator.


Species which look alike, but cannot breed with each other.
Definition of Sibling Species / Concept of Sibling Species
Sibling species (aphanic species) species are very similar in appearance, behaviour and in other characteristics, but they are reproductively isolated.
Importance of sibling species/significance of sibling species.
The discovery of sibling species is possible because they may differ in various ways even when they are extremely similar in the morphological characteristics that facilitate the recognition of sibling species.
Example of Sibling Species

How to count number of occurrences of a certain char in a string in Delphi

Below is the function, using which you can find out the number of occurrences of a certain character in a string in Delphi.
For instance, assume that you have the following string and would like to count the number of commas in it:
Str := 'A,B,C';
Then you would like to obtain 2 as the result. Use below function.

Count number of times a string occurs in another string in Delphi

A simple way of counting the number of times a string occurs in another string in Delphi. For an example, “of” occurs twice in “How to count the number of occurrences of a string” where as “within” occurs once in “SubString occurrences within a string”.
The below function will return the number of occurrences of a string within another string. You can use the below function to count occurrences of a substring.


The classification of organisms based on their cellular properties, especially based upon the number and the structure of their chromosomes.


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