Errors in the ole db provider

I have encountered this below error while I was trying to connect SQL Server Analysis Services cube using Microsoft Excel 2010.
Errors in the ole db provider: an error occurred while loading the connection dialog box component for prompting.
I remember it was working fine couple of month ago.
Now, this is how I have resolved the issue by re installing SQL server 2008 AS OLEDB drivers:
1. Go to
2. Click “Download”

How to automate deployment using msbuild through command prompt

Pre-requisite is .NET framework

Assuming that .net framework is already installed in your machine.

Now follow the below instruction whether MSbuild command is working or not.
1. Open command prompt
2. Write msbuild /? and hit Enter

If you are getting below message, then it is certain that correct path is not configured to recognize the command.
'msbuild' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Microsoft SQL Server - Find all the executed queries related with a table

Microsoft SQL Server - Find all the executed queries related with a table

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss on how to find all the executed queries related with a table in one database.

To get the all the queries that are executed in the database and related with a particular table, use below script.

Microsoft SQL Server - Find Row Count of all the tables

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss on how to find row count of all the table in one database.

To demonstrate this topic, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express version is being used. The exact version information is

Microsoft SQL Server - Find a particular text within Stored Procedure, View and Function or as Column name in a table

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss on how to find Stored Procedures, Views and Functions which contain a particular text in it. Also, we’ll discuss on how to find tables which has a column name with a particular text.

Different String Types in Delphi

In Delphi, String is a sequence of characters. There different types of string available in Delphi for different purposes.
Types of string are:
1. ShortString
2. AnsiString
3. WideString
Maximum length can be 255 characters. Memory required for this type of string is 2 to 256 bytes. Generally, this is used for backward compatibility.

Bee Dance (Waggle Dance)

Dance Language of the Honey Bee

Waggle dance definition:

Communication system is defined as connect or communicate with other people, i.e. means that “any sharing of information”. Honey bees use special types of complex communication system in the form of a dance language to communicate or to inform members about the location of a food source. This special type of dance system is called “Honey bee dance”.

Why do bees do waggle dance:

Stepping into the IT world

IT industry, home of thousands of jolites…future home of thousands more. Each year hundreds of engineering graduates like us find their place in this immense world of opportunities. Like hundreds of seniors of ours, now I share a tiny place in the middle of this ocean of information.

As I write this article, I feel lucky enough to gain some knowledge in this field to put together and pen down some of the topics that I observed and can be helpful to my fellows who are taking the penultimate step before joining the industry.


Many homopteran insects feed on low concentrate plant sap. Their digestive tract shows a complex system called the ‘filter chamber’ where the extra solute water is made to flow directly from the initial to the terminal part of the midgut and the proximal regions of the ‘malpighian tubules’. The filter chamber of Cicadella viridis shows the intra membrane particles presence on the whole surface of the microvilli and of basal membrane infolded cells.



Resact is a peptide of sequence isolated from the jelly layer of Arbacia punctulata (sea urchin) eggs, is a potent chemoattractant for A. Punctulata’s spermatozoa. The concentration dependent chemotactic response is abolished by pretreatment of the spermatozoa with resact, and shows an absolute requirement for millimolar external calcium. A. punctulata spermatozoa don’t respond to speract (a peptide isolated from the jelly layer of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus eggs).


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