Many homopteran insects feed on low concentrate plant sap. Their digestive tract shows a complex system called the ‘filter chamber’ where the extra solute water is made to flow directly from the initial to the terminal part of the midgut and the proximal regions of the ‘malpighian tubules’. The filter chamber of Cicadella viridis shows the intra membrane particles presence on the whole surface of the microvilli and of basal membrane infolded cells.



Resact is a peptide of sequence isolated from the jelly layer of Arbacia punctulata (sea urchin) eggs, is a potent chemoattractant for A. Punctulata’s spermatozoa. The concentration dependent chemotactic response is abolished by pretreatment of the spermatozoa with resact, and shows an absolute requirement for millimolar external calcium. A. punctulata spermatozoa don’t respond to speract (a peptide isolated from the jelly layer of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus eggs).


Father: Son, aren't you going to sleep tonight? Everyone is sleeping, won't you?
Son: I'm drawing pictures.
Father: Ok, but draw them in the morning, you'll catch cold at night.
Son: I'm drawing a peacock.
Son: I have seen a peacock before.
Son: This is a camel. We used to have camels at our house.
Son: This is my house. I am standing in front of my house.
Son: This is a picture of a war. I have seen that war. And this is the golden fort.


The descriptions are purely for a casual reading and shouldn’t be construed as the exhaustive questions asked. It is merely an indication about how a Microsoft interview can go about. A normal interview can last upto 1.5 - 2 hours or more. Remember like any other interview, it is upon you to drive the interview. Plus the most important thing is how you have prepared for the interview. The guys interviewing you are smarter and more experienced than you are so no use trying to oversmart them. Prepare yourself and give your best shot.

How To Setup Virtual Router To Make Your PC Hotspot

Can I use my pc internet connection on my android phone?
- Answer is yes, you can. You have to make your PC a Hotspot. Hotspot is nothing but a device that provides internet access over Wireless Local Area Network [WLAN] through a router connected to a link to the internet service provider.

Pierced Body

I had an anxiety trying it first time. Surely, you’ll have the same thought if you already conceive the taste of fish. I am a Bengali and we are eating fish daily. But that was first time I had RAW fish. A big bowl of colorful RAW fish was served on ice with soy sauce for dipping, wasabi paste and gari. I was surprised because the bowl did not smell like fish that we usually get in our local market. It was edible to me on first look.

Hell of a Hailstorm

Bedni Bugiyal

It was middle of June 2011 and I was going to Roopkund, one of India’s top three treks. Having reached Bedni Bugiyal at 3,354m, I had planned to climb up to Bhagwabasa the next day. It was going to be a long trekking day, at least a 10hrs trek and all ascending. Now before I continue with the trek, it would be most injustice if I don’t give a small description of Bedni Bugiyal. The name Bedni came from the work Veda (ancient scripture of Hinduism) and Bugial means grass land. It was a very beautiful campsite; lash green grassland, snowy tops of mountain Trishul in one side, one small pond in the middle and two temples. On a sunny day you could see flock of sheep all around and it creates a very charismatic appearance.

Manipulating strings in a StringList

Know number of strings in the list
StringList.Count provides the number of strings within the list. It is a zero based indexed list. So Count value is one more than the last index of the list.
Accessing a particular string
TStringList is referenced by a zero-based index. You can access any string by its index position in ways either by using Strings property or directly. Example is show below. Strings is the default property for string lists.

Load and Save using TStringList

TStringList provides easy to use LoadFromFile and SaveToFile methods that store a list of string from a text file and saves the list of string to a text file. Each line of the text file represents a string in the list.

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  tempStringList  : TStringList;
  fileName        : String;
  fileName := 'c:\temp\myfile.txt';
  tempStringList := TStringList.Create;

TStringList in Delphi - Lot of thing

TStringList is the most commonly used types of list. For example, items of combo box, lines in a memo, names of rows, columns and any list of strings. TStringList is derived from TStrings and it implements the abstract methods of TStrings and introduces some properties, events and methods like sorting, prohibiting duplicate strings in the sorted list etc.
Safest way of using TStingList is, create, use and destroy. Steps are
Create the string list object


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