A worldwide known social networking site founded on June 16, 2010 in Latvia as a rival of Formspring. It is now owned by and present CEO is Ilja Terebin. In this site user can invite questions from others and answers. The slogan is “Ask and answer”. Now the user base is 130 million approximately.
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What is Delphi?

Delphi is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is started off from the Pascal language, which then became Object Pascal (Pascal with objects support). Delphi is Object Pascal running on Windows and Kylix is Object Pascal running on Linux. Delphi is not a language but nowadays it is used as synonymous to language.

World Cup Fever 2014 - Semi Final Overview

The business end of the 2014 edition of the World Cup football finals is upon us and we have the semi-finals line-up ready. After almost a month of feverish action, heartbreak, joy and all kinds of emotions involved, we have four teams ready to battle it out for the coveted crown. A number of fancied teams have fallen by the wayside and we have had a fair share of surprises where the proverbial underdog has prevailed.

How to change content type of an existing node in Drupal 7

If you create a node with specific content type and later you want to change that content type to another so that, that Node can be viewed in another Page or something like that then we need to change the existing content type to correct one.
There are different ways to do this done.

Backup MySQL database using phpMyAdmin 5.4.3

Why backup a database?
It is highly recommended to have a plan to take a backup of your database which is acting as a data repository for your application. If you do not do it, please have one and keep it in place.
This will help you to recover your database while anything goes wrong during upgrading the version of the database or any corruption found in any object of the database or any other system failure.

Being Happy

The time has come when it won't be wrong to change the idiom 'It's not a rocket science' to 'it's not like being happy'.
The reason is very simple as people nowadays apprehend even the concept of rocket science much easily, but fail to decipher the only secret behind the art of 'BEING HAPPY'.


You walk down the streets of India and within a couple of minutes, it is guaranteed that you’ll see a stone figure underneath the shades of a tree. More often than not it is a cross between an oval and cylinder and almost always adorned by flowers. Shiva-linga it is called and is a thing of reverence for the Hindus. What appalls me and makes me laugh out loud is the fact that many of these stone figures have eyes, nose drawn on them. They call it linga (the male private organ) and they make it look like a face.

Pre-Open Session of trading

Trading takes place in all business day except Saturday, Sunday and holidays that already declared by the Exchange in advance. Though Exchange can open the market for trading for any days that were declared as holiday or it is Saturday or Sunday and also can close the market on any business day, or can extend the timing of the trading or short as well as per necessity. It happens from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

There are different types of segments in market capital like equities, derivatives and debt etc. Here, I’ll talk about one of the major segment Equity.

Travel & Hospitality

Travellers are increasingly on the go. During their travel they need to access some of the relevant information related to travel as well they have to go through some of their important professional and personal information.

Flex Logging

 Best Practices
The following are considered as best practices
1. Get Loggers by Class
2. Declare Loggers as Static Constants
3. Format Log Statements Consistently
4. Parameterize Log Statements with Tokens
5. Use Log Levels to Indicate Severity
6. Use Log Filters for Focus
7. Include Categories to Show Class Names
8. Use Guard Conditions Appropriately
9. Configure Logging at Runtime.

First, create an Utility class


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