Travel & Hospitality

Travellers are increasingly on the go. During their travel they need to access some of the relevant information related to travel as well they have to go through some of their important professional and personal information.

Flex Logging

 Best Practices
The following are considered as best practices
1. Get Loggers by Class
2. Declare Loggers as Static Constants
3. Format Log Statements Consistently
4. Parameterize Log Statements with Tokens
5. Use Log Levels to Indicate Severity
6. Use Log Filters for Focus
7. Include Categories to Show Class Names
8. Use Guard Conditions Appropriately
9. Configure Logging at Runtime.

First, create an Utility class

Just another perspective!!!!

Now a days when I see people around me talking over issues of grave concern such as woman safety, communal harmony, corruption and many more which of course I should not be speaking of, I feel as if I am least interested or does my opinion really matter?

Interesting facts about Red and Green and its connection with Christmas!

Interesting facts about Red and Green and its connection with Christmas ! --

There are two accepted beliefs about the origin of traditional Christmas colours, one based on Christian faith, and the other based on historical fact.

Christian Belief: The color green is a natural representation of eternal life, specifically the evergreen tree and how it survives through the winter season. That’s why, in Christian belief, green represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ. The color red symbolizes Christ’s blood which was shed during his crucifixion.


It was not the scorching heat of the summer which burnt the skin…but more of your absence in my daily life that steamed my heart…..instigated more by your memories and the moments I fancied….A little word of hatred towards you gave me bliss because you responded to it….more than the essays of love….which remained unturned….


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