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We provide hell lot of services to world for free. You can find all the available services below, blog, forum, recipe, all national holidays of all counrties, United Kingdom Tier 2 visa sponsor company list etc.

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We provide different services for free. We have a blog site where you will find excellent help on finding solution jsTree, zoological notes for students, SQL server queries, Teradata basics. We have forum for all these subjects if you want to talk about these topics. You can find all national and regional holidays for all countries. If you are looking for designated company who are eligible for providing UK tier visa, you can find our free online platform to get that list. The similar types of list of companies are available for Canada AIPP programme. Try our service to find India's bank's IFSC codes.


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everyEthing blog site conatains writings on wide varity of topics like jsTree which is a JavaScript open library to prepare and maintain tree view in a web page. It also contains study notes on different Zological topics which is suitable to students. There are other varity of contents on different topic like, SQL Server, Tera data, PHP and different tools.

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  • jsTree
  • Zoology notes
  • SQL server
  • Teradata
  • Online tools for GUID
  • News


everyEthing Recipe website contains more that 30+ recipes of simple and taste soups. These recipes are made with easily available ingredients so that everyone can try that out at their home.

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National Holidays

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This website contains list of national holidays for all countries in the world. In the front page, it shows the list of national holidays of current day across country.

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  • All countries around the word
  • National holidays
  • Regional holidays

FCE (B2 First)

FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH / FCE / B2 FIRST - B2 First, formerly known as Cambridge English: First (FCE), is one of Cambridge English Qualifications. It is a most popular exam, accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide. This website also contains information about exam format, result, preparation and key facts.

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Online Testing

FREE ONLINE ASSESSMENT PLATFORM - You can login to take all the available exams for free. It also contains information on how this website works, what types of contents it holds.

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Canada AIPP employers

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This website contains list of all designated company who are eligible for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) programme. You can browse the compary by company or by different business category. If register, you will be able to manage your own profile and add company in your profile to track your contacts etc.

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  • Search by different Company
  • Search by different Business types
  • Add profile and manage own company list
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Bank's IFSC Code

This is an online website which allows you to find IFSC code of any bank in India. It also explains what IFSC code and MICR code is and where can you find it. You can find IFSC code by searching by bank and by state.

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