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Bee Dance (Waggle Dance)

Submitted by Mousumi Sepai, Last Modified on 2019-12-19

Dance Language of the Honey Bee. Waggle dance is communication system is defined as connect or communicate with other people, i.e. means that “any sharing of information”. Honey bee dance is of two types 1. Round dance 2. Waggle dance.


Submitted by Mousumi Sepai, Last Modified on 2019-11-17

Resact is a peptide of sequence isolated from the jelly layer of Arbacia punctulata (sea urchin) eggs, is a potent chemoattractant for A. Punctulata’s spermatozoa. Resact is a 14-residue peptide. Resact functions. Resact flow and Resact Events. Diagram, Alternative name, SAP-IIA, Sperm-activating peptide.

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