How to merge SVN branch from trunk

In general, any change which is required to mitigate any priority issue in production, is done directly in trunk at times. At same time, development team is continue to work in separate branches. Hence a time comes when any changes which is made directly in trunk is merged with branches to get it tested.

Below are the steps that can be followed if you want to merge trunk version of code into your branch.


  1. Right click branch project root in Windows Explorer then go to "TortoiseSVN" then "Merge"
  2. Select "Merge a range of revisions" as Merge Type then click Next
  3. Provide trunk location of your code base in "URL to merge from"
  4. Make sure that "Specific range" is selected and leave box empty if you want to merge all the changes of trunk after the revision that was used to create the branch. So it will merge all changes that are made after the revision that was used for creating the branch that you are working on.
  5. Make sure that your "Working Copy" location is correct.
  6. Click Next, then press the ‘test merge’ button. This will highlight any conflicts.
  7. When you are happy with the tet merge result, you can click "Merge",.
  8. Now you have the opportunity to edit the conflict if there is any before merge.
  9. You have successfully updated with all trunk changes into your local working copy, now you need to commit the changes with appropriate comments.

If you are wondering about the step 4, on how you can create a SVN branch from trunk, please check out the link.

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