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Teradata Cumulative Sum

Submitted by Asif Nowaj, Last Modified on 2019-12-19

To get sum over partition by Teradata you can use the aggregate function SUM and PARTITION BY on a required column.

teradata cumulative sum

Query to find Teradata cumulative sum of balance per account ordered by transaction date.

   SELECT acct_number, trans_date, trans_amount,
   SUM(trans_amount) OVER (PARTITION BY acct_number 
                           ORDER BY trans_date 
                           ROWS UNBOUNDED PRECEDING) as balance
   FROM ledger
   ORDER BY acct_number, trans_date;

Results of the preceding SELECT of Teradata cumulative sum:

acct_number	trans_date	trans_amount	balance
73829	1998-11-01	113.45	113.45
73829	1988-11-05	-52.01	61.44
73929	1998-11-13	36.25	97.69
82930	1998-11-01	10.56	10.56
82930	1998-11-21	32.55	43.11
82930	1998-11-29	-5.02	38.09

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