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MS Outlook - recurrence meeting for last day of every month

Submitted by Asif Nowaj, Last Modified on 2019-11-08

Are you looking for setting up a recurrence meeting or reminder for last day of every month through Microsoft Outlook email client? This is handy for reminding month-end activities like month-end reports etc.

Setting up recurrence reminder or meeting for last day of every month in outlook
Step 1: Go to the “Calendar” view from Navigation pane.
Step 2: Create an appointment or meeting by clicking on below two icons as needed.
Appointment Meeting
Step 3: In this window, please select appropriate subject and location field value and then click “Recurrence” button as shown in the screen below.
Recurrence Button
Step 4: Then there two ways you achieve to select last of every month.
a) Select appropriate start and end time. Then in “Recurrence Pattern” section select “Monthly” and “Day” as 31 of every “1” months and select “Range of Recurrence” as appropriate.
Appointment Recurrence 1
Then select “OK”. It will prompt you as below and select “OK”.
Appointment Recurrence 2
b) In the “Recurrence pattern” section, check “Monthly” option. Then select “last” and “day” separately in the “The” dropdown list and type 1 in the “of every Y month(s)” box. Then Click OK.
Step 5: Save and close the appointment or send the meeting to the required participants.
Appointment Recurrence 3

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