How to free up space in local disk C on your PC or laptop

There are many ways you can clean up hard disk space from your PC or laptop. It is a very common problem when your laptop or PC goes out of space and behave weirdly. When your disk, especially your Operating System (OS) drive that C: drive is running out of space, then the symptom will appear as differently with your other works. Hence, first check your OS drive space if your email client is not responding, your computer's performance is degraded, starting of your laptop is taking too much time, your game play is lagging.

If you see that your OS drive space is less and you need to clear out some of your important files to get some more space, request to follow these steps before taking any action.

Option 1: Run Disk Cleanup tool

  1. Right click on the disk and go to "Properties"
  2. Click "Disk Cleanup" .[you can open this disk cleanup wizard from you Run command and write Disk Cleanup]
  3. Select all items in the list "Files to delete"
  4. And click "OK"

Option 2: Removing ccm cache

  1. Go to run and search for "Configuration Manager" and open it
  2. Go to "Cache" tab
  3. Click on "Delete Files"
  4. Select "Yes"

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